Website Design: Why Good Design Means Good Business

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Website Design: Why Good Design Means Good Business

Web DesignA company website is like an online calling card: it’s one of the first things potential customers encounter from you, and it should contain all the necessary information for them to make a decision on whether or not to work with your company. Expanding your online reach also depends on how well you rank with in terms of SEO, making sure that you’re always the first search result.  And believe it or not, part of good a good SEO strategy, is actually having a well designed website.

Designing a good website can bring in big business and good PR. Here are some things to consider when building a website.

Keep it Simple

Websites are there for one main reason: they tell customers what you can do for them, or what products they can buy from you. Unnecessary design elements can hinder potential customers from getting the information they need from your website.

Keep the layout of your website as simple and as easy to use as possible. Too many graphics, or overly complicated frames and features can drive away potential customers. Familiar, easy-to-navigate layouts are familiar to customers, making your website more preferable to use and visit.

Content is Still King

The content of your website should be in line with what your company does, and should answer the basic questions that potential customers search for online. With proper SEO, and engaging web copy and blog posts, you can answer the question that your customers are asking.

Moreover, good content can inform customers, but great content can connect with customers. Studies show that companies who are able to make customers feel like they are talking to an authoritative source that shares their wants and needs are able to build more brand loyalty, and in effect, generate more business.

User-Centric Experience

Making your website accessible to everyone is essential to reaching as wide an audience as possible. Build your website to accommodate all browser types, and make sure that your user interface and user experience designs are able to accommodate your customers’ preferences. Gather feedback and opinions, and apply changes accordingly.

With our in-house team of design experts and digital marketers, Sievers Creative can apply the elements of great design into your website, expand your customer reach, and help your business navigate the world of online commerce.

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