Web Navigation: The Essentials

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Web Navigation

Web Navigation: The Essentials

Transparent and simple navigation is the key to creating a good user experience. Statistics show that 61.5% of virtual customers will leave your site unless it’s easy to navigate. Therefore, a successful website must have a good web design and navigation.

Website navigation is the storage of user interaction features that guide the visitor to the desired location on the website. A good web design is crucial because it provides a clear navigation menu that is easy to use by all customers. 

This guide will go over the basic navigation types that create a successful web design. 

What Are the Basic Types of Navigation? 

Here are the three most important types of navigation within a website. Each of them are equally important for building the overall image.

Primary Navigation

The primary or main navigation is a connection between pages following the website’s hierarchy. This is the backbone of a website’s navigation as it is how the user first interacts with your website.  Primary navigation links all high-up pages and provides an overall perception of the website`s products and services. It is also called the orientation tool, as visitors are using it to find preferred topics. The main navigation design depends largely on the type of website and service provided. 

Local Navigation

Local Navigation

Some people call it sub-navigation, which implies page connections inside a specific category. This is a kind of “addition” to the primary navigation and serves to classify similar and related content together. Another benefit of local navigation is directing the consumer to new content they didn’t know about.

Contextual Navigation 

This type of navigation can shift based on the given contextual topics. It often includes related links to similar pages, or in some cases, it can lead to different sections or sometimes to a new website. Contextual navigation is typically present within the content, on the bottom, or on the side of the text. Some examples of contextual navigation include hyperlinked words, Read More linked text, the next or backlinks on the page, and similar. 

The Importance of Good Website Navigation and Design

A well-designed website requires much more than an attractive background and layout. It is a crucial element of successful work for businesses nowadays. A quality website must create a good impression on customers to make them stay longer and return. 

Smart companies know the value and importance of investing in high-quality web design. It impacts customers’ trust, business growth, and overall company success. When looking for a web design service, you should strive for a high ranking and excellent customer reviews. You need a company that follows the latest trends in the web design industry and provides transparent, easy-to-navigate, and consistent design on the website. 

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