Why You Need Responsive Web Design

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Why You Need Responsive Web Design

Why You Need Responsive Web Design

Nearly half of all web traffic comes from mobile devices. This number will only continue to increase, which means your site needs to be mobile-friendly. As the world of digital marketing is growing, so are the criteria for good web design. If a simple drop-down menu was enough in the past, today, you need an intricate design that will provide the optimal user experience – and be responsive on all devices simultaneously. 

In this article we will elaborate on why responsive web design is critical to your business and how to find the best and most experienced web developers to help you.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design ensures that your website will work the same on all devices, regardless of size or orientation. For instance, your website’s images will shrink automatically when used on mobile devices or enlarge on desktops. Web developers can either use HTML or CSS responsive web design.

The alternative to responsive web design is an adaptive design that involves building different layouts of your website. For instance, you have one layout for mobile and another for desktop use. The benefit with responsive design however, is that you get everything in one go, including audience engagement. 

Responsive Web Design Benefits

Responsive Web Design Benefits

Responsive web design is getting traction in both web developer and digital marketing communities.

Here are the main reasons why you need it:

  • Refined user experience

Consumers prefer sites that are simple to scroll and explore. So, they are more likely to leave when they come across a website that’s not mobile-optimized. Responsive design considers this right from the start, providing the optimal user experience across all devices. No more miniature text or horizontal scrolling to see full images.

  • Better performance

No matter how much you invest in PPC or SEO, you won’t achieve satisfying results with a poorly designed website. On the other hand, if your web design provides a smooth user experience, visitors will most likely stay longer and interact with it more. And this can easily translate into more sales and revenue.

  • Increasing brand credibility

Not only can responsive design boost sales, but it can also improve your brand identity and credibility. Everybody knows consumers are more likly to trust a business with a steady and optimized website and an on-point online presence, than one without. Having faulty or incomplete layouts on different devices is simply not a good image for any brand.

  • Easier SEO practices

Google favors websites with mobile-friendly and responsive design. Combine this with good SEO tactics, and you can easily earn a higher spot in the SERPs.

  • Time and cost efficiency.

Remember, responsive design’s alternative is adaptive design, i.e., creating a separate layout for mobile use. Since it’s difficult to manage multiple layouts, adaptive design is not as cost efficient and is more time-consuming. After all, even the tiniest change you’ll want to make on your website will require repeating the work for all layouts.

Consult With Experienced Web Developers in Minnesota

Whether you choose responsive web design or some of its alternatives, you need the right team of web developers by your side.

At Sievers Creative, we provide everything you need to create your online presence and achieve the best responsive website. With a team of enthusiastic creatives, developers, and marketing experts, Sievers Creative helps medium and small-sized businesses take their brands to the next level.

Whether you’re looking for web design, graphic design, marketing, videography, or photography services – reach out today for all the professional assistance you can get!

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