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On average you only reach 5% – 8% of your facebook followers when you post.(So we include social ads in each of our campaigns!)

social media management services in Minnesota

Get Social!

No platform can help you connect with the majority of consumers better than social media. Whether you’re just starting your business or you’re in the middle of a marketing upheaval, trust us to help create a social media strategy that produces results.

Building a social media presence can involve two strategies: we could cultivate your profile or we could go straight to the ad section. The former is a more involved process, and calls for more than “likes.” Your brand has to really connect with buyers, on a level that builds trust and authority. Connecting with buyers casually reminds them of your existence, and helps you take advantage of the current trends. How many times have big brands, for instance, leveraged sporting events, entertainment news, and the latest in the world to get more views and page subscribers? With us taking care of your social media, you’ll be able to do the same.

Managing Your Social Media

If you have something to accomplish on social media, bring it on! You can come to us, and we’ll make sure to find a particular solution for your objectives.

What Are Social Media Ads

If you have a social media profile, then you are probably familiar with social media advertisements. Facebook has sidebars, which display and promote a variety of ads. The efficiency and reach of these ads are nothing to scoff at, considering that many of your customers are watching.

Facebook Page Design

The user interface of Facebook is limited in many ways, especially compared to how you could customize past social media profiles; but it’s polished, if anything. There is still, however, room for improvement. If you don’t have the time to spare, let us design and customize your Facebook page for you.

Social Media Monitoring

Remaining active on Facebook, Twitter or other social media profiles isn’t merely about getting updates. We monitor the performance of each post and see how far these penetrate the target audience. We, then, adjust our strategies, as needed, so that each post is highly visible.

Launching Ads and Social Posting

Timing is everything, and the visibility of your ads to a particular demographic will all contribute to how effective these efforts are. Trust us to have this down pat, along with the rest of our plans – we post the right things, at the right time, for the right viewership.