Security and Shareability: Keeping Up with WordPress Updates

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Security and Shareability: Keeping Up with WordPress Updates

WordPress logoOpen-source website platforms made owning a website possible for everyone. Because of sites such as WordPress (WP), Wix, and Weebly, building a website became a less expensive, more welcoming option for SMEs.

But when it comes to content management system, or CMS familiarity and functionality, WP beats the other options by a mile. It does for us in Sievers Creative.

WP offers us the most extensive tools for website design. It enables us to build a legitimately useful site. The other half of WordPress amazing-ness, however, is in the platform’s growing capabilities and dedication to provide meaningful updates to all users.

That’s why we encourage everyone to get an update maintenance plan. Aside from the creation of your website, it’s probably the next, most important thing you can do.

Further Shareability

The social media aspect is crucial to your business. And WordPress is making strides to make sharing as seamless a process as possible. Its most recent updates focused on giving their users a cleaner experience in using social media plugins on their site. WP replaced the clunky icons, and integrated an automated posting feature. It’s like having your own social media manager built into your website, and that is a very good thing.

More Solid Security

Security is an expected feature of every patch. In any platform or device, it’s as important as any business-related decision. It’s a precaution for potential threats since open-source platforms are a target for hackers. A funny but inevitable irony, because CMS and other forms of open-source program are created by coding savants.

More than that, the convenience of updates saves you from taking time in familiarizing yourself with terms like XSS and CSRF. But it helps to have a professional guide you along the process, especially when you have specific requirements: you want some of the updates—not all them.

Sievers Creative can take care of your updates so you can focus on running your business. Subscribe to our WP maintenance plan.

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