Professional Sign Companies: What to Look For

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Professional Sign Companies: What to Look For

One of the main marketing aspects of your business is your sign. Business signs are a 24/7 advertisement for your brand. However, more than 50% of customers have stated that they didn’t see or notice a business’s signage because it was confusing or too small, according to LinkedIn. By hiring a professional sign company that knows how to market your business effectively through signage, you can overcome that obstacle. Here are some things to look for when you go to choose a professional sign company.


It should come as no surprise that looking at a company’s experience is our top tip for picking a great sign shop. You want a company that has been around a while and has several examples in the community to show off its work. You want someone who has ties to the community and has done this type of work for years. The people who work in the shop should be experienced and able to answer any questions you may have.


Besides looking for a great word-of-mouth reputation, go online and check out company reviews. Is the sign company listed on Google? Does it have its own website? These are potential sources for reviews that you can browse to learn about any concerns former clients may have had after hiring them. Another way to find reputation information is by looking up the company’s Better Business Bureau rating. A BBB lookup for any business can help you find out more about them and how long they’ve been around.

Quality Materials

When you go to pick out a professional sign company to create your business’s signage, you want to make sure that the materials being used are high quality. There are a lot of places that will use lower quality materials to make their quotes cheaper and to have the signs wear out faster to ensure more business in the future. A company with integrity and commitment to quality will make sure that it’s using only the best for your sign.

Professional Connections

There are many professional associations for the signage industry, no matter where you’re located. If your potential sign company is a member of or affiliated with these associations, then that’s a plus on more than one level. Not only is the company actively involved with the industry, but it’s also looking to stay in that industry long-term. Growing the business by becoming part of these organizations means that a company is in it for the long term and wants to do things the right way.

Artistically Creative

You want a professional sign company to be able to assess your sign for potential problems in font, color choice, kerning, and other factors. If there are no graphically creative individuals at the sign company, then you may be stuck with a sign that looks fine on a thumbnail image but turns out to be a horrible choice when enlarged. Hiring professionals that know graphic arts can help keep these types of things from happening. Plus, they may be able to create your sign with great ideas and color choices.

Knowledge of the Community

Make sure your choice for a professional sign service knows about local trends and regulations. There can be tremendous differences between what’s allowed and what’s not from city to city. Having a knowledgeable business that has dealt with sign ordinances and such can help you understand what you can and cannot do.

Past Clients

Look at the company’s past work. Do you see a sign that is two years old but fading and peeling? Is a sign 10 years old and still looking new? Get a feel for the quality of the company’s work and the life expectancy of its signs. Companies should give you a few past sign locations as references so that you are able to see their work and decide for yourself. If a business doesn’t want you to see its past signs, then that’s a huge red flag.


Many times, sign companies must work alongside construction and renovation projects. By finding one that has a history of working well with other contractors, you’ll be able to get your projects done on time and have them run smoothly. Signs need to be put up as soon as possible so that they can start working for the business, and anything that keeps that from happening is detrimental. Research the sign company’s project management reputation and find out whether you’re going to have issues if the company has to work with others.


A sign company can demonstrate transparency by allowing you to see its past work and its in-house operations. Can you tour the shop where the signs and the materials are located? Can you meet the staff? These should be fine options for a potential client, but if a sign company doesn’t allow it or seems skittish about it, that could be another red flag.

Online Legitimacy

This touches upon several already discussed items, such as online reviews and BBB ratings, but it’s also very important that they have a web presence in the form of social media and a website. Take a look and see how active the company is online. Do they post new signs that have just been completed? Do they update their website with helpful blog posts about sign materials and provide education about professional signage? All of these things tell you that the company is active, that the business is thriving, and that they’re committed to serving the community.

Response Time

A company should be answering the phone and returning your calls quickly. You should be a priority. If your calls are always getting diverted to voicemail or you wait days for a call back, then the company is signaling one of two things: either you aren’t a priority or they’re overbooked and understaffed. Either of these tells you to move on to a different sign company so that you get the service you deserve.

The Cost Factor

A tricky aspect to sign companies is how to price their services. As a business, you want to make sure that the sign company isn’t the most expensive in the region and isn’t the cheapest. Prioritize what matters to you. Budget-wise, a well-done sign that will last years and is made with quality is a better deal than a cheaper sign that has less life. Some sign companies may have sales periodically, so it’s always a good idea to ask if there is one coming up, should you be pressed for cash.

If you’re looking for a professional business sign, then look no further. We’re experts in the field and are here to answer your questions. Your business is important to you, but it should also be important to your sign maker. We always take pride in our work, and after seeing our results, you’ll take pride in it too. Give us a call or come by our office today.

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