Make a Statement: Product Photography is a Big Deal

Product Photography

Product PhotographyIsn’t it true that with the rise of the internet, along with increasing social media use, more and more people are turning away from reading? This statement holds true, especially these days, with individuals and their shortening attention spans. A quick Google search will pull up a variety of statistics – the average attention span has decreased in the last seven years. From 12 seconds back in 2000, these sources say that the average attention span today is eight seconds.

Given this seeming intolerance for reading, e-commerce sites will make more of an impact if their products and services had photos and images for users to check out. When it comes to buying stuff online, photographs can substantially make a world of difference.

The Need for Images in 2017

Since users have shorter attention spans, common sense dictates that they would rather go through a gallery of photos when browsing a site. Instead of offering blocks of text to these visitors, a good stock of images is sure to help them make the right decision. It also assists them when they’re looking for something in particular.

Imagine an e-commerce site that offers pastries and desserts, and then think about how appealing photos can affect sales. High-quality photos, for instance, can attract a casual browser and convert the person into a paying customer. Crude and low-res photographs are just not going to cut it. For food and beverages, crisp and colorful images are the only possible way to tell your clients that your business has delicious choices.

Using the internet is a visual experience, and for e-commerce sites, photos and videos can transform sales by showing browsers what they can expect from a business.

On Eye-Catching Photographs and Increasing Revenue

We can help you in this aspect. Sievers Creative provides services like professional product photography in Minnesota. Our team can identify what makes your business click and highlight the prominence of your product, creating a distinct and sellable item. Our product photography covers a range of services such as standard table photography, catalog photography, image editing, and formatting and watermarking – just to name a few.

The only way to truly make a statement is by showing your customers what your business is all about through amazing photographs. Contact us today and let’s transform your site into a collection of vibrant pages.

Quick Tips to Upgrade Marketing Strategies for your Small Business

Businesses often live and die by their marketing strategies, and if you’re  a small business owner, the need to let people know how great your services are probably can’t stretch your budget too much. But as times change, so do marketing tactics that scale very well to any enterprise level.

The internet changed a lot of things concerning marketing, and you can use this evolution to your advantage if you know which tools you can use for maximum impact. It is critical that you change with the flow of the times to stay relevant to your target audience.

Scope Out the Competition

Just as it is important to know your strengths, so it is to know your competitor’s. Finding out what makes customers flock to them can inform your strategy of what to tweak in your marketing formula. It tells you whether your techniques are outdated or ineffective, and taking notes out of their marketing methods should serve you well since you’re gunning for the same audience.

Gather Reviews and Testimonials

Never underestimate the power of customer testimony. Research has shown that shoppers trust their fellow consumer’s word on an individual product/service’s quality. There’s a reason search engines rank online businesses high when they have plenty of high-starred reviews, and that is users actively seek out well-reviewed shops/businesses for their next purchase.

Encourage your existing customers to provide testimonials and post them on your website or social media page. Use that positive feedback to generate word-of-mouth buzz and fuel your marketing strategies to their potential.

Stay Relevant on Social Media

Speaking of social media, it’s not enough to have accounts on all the channels there are. These social platforms have distinct advantages to offer, and knowing which of them work best for your business will put you in the best possible light. First up, update all your account information to reflect where and how potential customers can reach you immediately. Next, keep your posts fresh and relevant, and on a consistent schedule. This will engage followers and let them know that you’re reliable and eager to serve their needs.

These are just a few of the multiple approaches you can take to enhance your small business marketing strategies. Our online marketing services will give you the edge on search rankings, ensuring that all the right people find you when they need to.

Contact us to learn more about our SEO services and get those leads today.

Blogging: A Practical Marketing Campaign Tool for Everyday Business

Person Blogging

Digital marketing isn’t about just pay-per-click ads and social media posts these days. Blogging has also become a huge part of marketing campaigns, and it is a trend that a lot of businesses have adopted. Here are some reasons to incorporate it into your marketing strategy as well.

Drives Traffic to Your Website

Without blog posts, there are probably just a handful of pages on your website. Sure, people can look up your brand on a search engine, but that only works for customers who already know you. Every time you write a blog post, on the other hand, it’s an additional indexed page on your website. This helps drive traffic to your website in an organic search.

Establishes Your Industry Expertise

Writing blog posts about your niche market can offer your target audience valuable industry information. If you consistently write useful content about their most common questions, you establish yourself as an industry expert; searchers will perceive you as a trustworthy brand that they will want to do business with.

Convert Traffic into Leads

Just like every blog post is another indexed page, each post gives you a new opportunity to generate leads by simply adding call-to-actions (CTAs) at the end of your articles. These lead-generating CTAs are things like offers for free trials, discount coupons, and more that users could get in exchange for their contact information.

It Doesn’t Cost Much

Unlike ads, you don’t have to pay to create blog posts for your website. You only need to write high-quality content that your target audience will find useful. You can optimize its effect, though, if you hire a marketing agency to come up with a professional strategy.

Sievers Creative is an expert when it comes to content creation and execution. We help small businesses find the best keywords and blog post topics to write about to maximize their return on investment and optimize their site for search engine. If you have more questions about the benefits of blog posts to your website, feel free to contact us today.

Integrating Content and Social Media to Your Small Business’ Promotional Toolkit

Business People Sharing on Social Media

Small businesses are only small in name but not in importance, as the United States’ small business sector is responsible for 54% of the country’s annual sales. Small businesses also account for 55% of all jobs, according to findings by the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Most of these businesses generally adopt a startup model, growing over time with careful investments. This growth model can be restrictive budget-wise, so small businesses often have limited options when it comes to marketing strategies.

The good news is, small businesses can take advantage of smart content marketing to add to their existing promotions package. Here’s how two specific components – content and social media– can work together to effectively gain a following and subsequently, increased sales.

Promote Through Value

It’s your marketing campaign, sure, but executing it on social media needs some re-orientation on your end in terms of attracting customers. Repetitive posts about your product/service will quickly tire \your audience, so mix it up with some genuinely helpful information or advice. Try for a 20% promotional – 80% educational ratio in your social media content to let your audience know you’re there to help them, instead of just making blatant sales pitches.

Stay Relevant by ‘Riding’ News and Trends

Building a social media presence can take time for it to gain traction, so focus your efforts first on building local brand awareness. That is, be conspicuous in your neighborhood, expanding outwards to the city, and so on.

Look up hashtags that the competition uses during local events, and incorporate them into your posts. Follow up on news events in your vicinity, participate in discussions through comments, like/react to trending posts and share these, to further expand your network. The more people see that you’re well-attuned to the hottest happenings, the better they’ll respond to your promotional efforts.

Visualize Your Content

This doesn’t mean peppering your page with generic images – we’re talking about infographics, which you can use to convey your message in a creative, eye-catching way. Infographics also serve to make your ideas more accessible, allowing your audience to learn more about you in an approachable and entertaining manner. Plus, vibrant visuals are always shareable material on social media.

Pulling off all these in one slick campaign can be tricky, but luckily, we at Sievers Creative are exceptionally skilled at social media management. Contact us if you’re ready to take your small business to the big leagues.

Photo Editing – how far, is too far?

In a time when we can manipulate any image to look the way we want it – how far is too far?  Whether it’s photography in big magazines getting flack for manipulating celebrities bodies on their covers, or Instagram users using  #nofilter to make sure you know they didn’t edit the image – there definitely is a lot controversy around editing photos.

Sievers Creative has joined the Red Wing Chamber

It’s official, Sievers Creative has joined the amazing business community in Red Wing, MN. We can not say enough positive things about the Red Wing Area Chamber of Commerce and  about Patty, Tammy, and Marion (The Chamber Ladies) down at the chamber office.

The Red Wing Area Chamber of Commerce is extremely active and proactive in the business community. Everything from business expos,  networking events like HYPE (helping young professionals emerge) and AM Espresso, to just all around making Red Wing area businesses stronger.

As we build our business here in Red Wing, MN by helping other local business find a successful online presence. We want to help local business find the help they need to navigate the craziness of the online world. We aim to be a high caliber creative agency for small to medium size businesses. We believe that every business should be able to afford a successful presence on the web.

We look forward to being a part of such a great business community!

Promotional Products in Red Wing, MN


Finding Promotional products in Red Wing, MN can be a simple tool that can help increase brand awareness for your small business; by customizing an item that a customer can use in his or her everyday life.

Promotional products help your business get passed along! – Learn More


Promotional products like pens or pencils are tiny investments, but the reality is that they are seen on a regular basis and often passed along to people who would never have heard of your company otherwise.

Most businesses are going to make pens and pencils available to their customers and when they are accidentally removed from your premise, wouldn’t you rather they help promote your business to everyone who uses them?

Top 5 Advantages of using promotional products for your Business.

  1. Tangible -promotes repeat exposures
  2. Impact is easily measured
  3. Complements other advertising media
  4. Goodwill – builds favorable perceptions
  5. Flexibility – can easily target different  audiences.

promotional products statistic

Business marketing research reveals 52% of respondents did business with the advertiser after receiving the promotional product. 52% of participants reported their impression was more favorable after receiving the item. (source: PPAI)

People are searching for your services

Some things, like desk calendars, chip clips, to coffee mugs and jump drives may never leave the possession of the person you gave them to, but they can be seen every day by that potential customer. This is a great way to subtlety send your message on a regular basis.

Sievers Creative is committed  to providing the best quality  on every one of our promotional products! We also work diligently to ensure we find you the best possible price on your purchase.

Please contact us if you are interested in promoting your business.

Roger speaks on social media panel at WNA conference

I was asked by a colleague at RiverTown Multimedia if I would be willing to speak at the WNA Conference in Middleton Wisconsin in regards to social media, and I agreed. Every year newspapers from around Wisconsin get together and learn from each other, present awards for the best stories, photos, and overall excellence of the newspapers in their state. This year I will be touching base on the best uses/practices of social media in the newsroom as well as some ideas on how to ensure they are using social media effectively, some of the ethics behind social media in the newsroom, and what can be done to maximize effectiveness on limited resources..

Description of panel discussion

Social Media: Everybody’s Doing It

How are newsrooms managing their staff use of social media? What’s appropriate content for a reporter’s Twitter posts, and where do we draw the line between personal and professional use of social media?


I will also be available to speak with newspapers from around the region in regards a handful of topics listed in the sign-up sheet below. It is an honor to be a part of the event and I”m looking forward to it.