12 Stunning Typography Combos for Your Next Project

Being a graphic designer is hard.

Not only do you have to work with clients who may/may not fully understand the importance of great design, but you also have to work on things that, to some clients, just aren’t that important.

Perhaps the most obvious example of this is typography. Typography can make or break a design, yet it’s something that is often overlooked in terms of its importance by most clients.

No matter whether you’re designing a simple printed banner, a website, or even an entire brand, the typographic pairing used needs to not only look great, but also reflect the brand you’re working for.

It’s a tough task, but luckily, there’s some great pairings already out there, such as these:

#1 – Tiempos + Brown Std

Tiempos + Brown Std


Tiempos is a great choice if you’re looking for a serif font to use for headings or titles, as it’s bold, highly readable, and looks great in both lowercase and uppercase.

It also works well when paired with a sans serif typeface, such as Brown Standard: a no-nonsense typeface, somewhat similar in style to Proxima Nova, or even Montserrat.

Both fonts are paid fonts, with Tiempos being available for $50 and Brown Standard costing £22.99 (around $30 – $35).

#2 – Geogrotesque Light + FF Meta Web Pro

Geogrotesque Light + FF Meta Web Pro


FF Meta Web Pro was actually designed in the mid 1980’s, and was created for use predominantly as a body font (i.e. in small sizes). You’ll see it in a lot of printed media (e.g. magazines), but it’s also become extremely popular on the web over the years.

It’s a sans serif font that is elegant, simple and does the job. It looks great alongside Geogrotesque Light; a geometric font with it’s own particular style.

Both are paid fonts. Geogrotesque Light is available from MyFonts, whereas FF Meta Web Pro is part of the Typekit subscription.

#3 – Gotham A + Chronicle SSM A

Gotham A + Chronicle SSM A


Gotham is a contemporary, modern font that is perfectly suited for a variety of uses on the web and in print. It’s sans serif and highly readable.

Chronicle SSM is the polar opposite; it’s a serif font that is perfectly legible at small font sizes, as well as large.

Both of these fonts work so well together due to the fact that they’re so different.

They’re both available to purchase from Hoefler & Co.

#4 – Appetite + PT Sans

Appetite + PT Sans


Appetite is a font oozing with personality; it has a somewhat handwritten look to it, yet it still comes across as highly legible (at least at relatively large font sizes).

PT Sans is different; it’s a simple, sans serif typeface that works well at just about any font size. It’s highly legible, and in the design above, it’s used for the button text as well as the main body font.

PT sans is available for free from Google Fonts, whereas Appetite is available to purchase from MyFonts.

#5 – Brandon Grotesque + Garamond

Brandon Grotesque + Garamond


Brandon Grotesque and Garamond make the perfect match. Brandon Grotesque is a sans serif typeface that works in just about any font size (i.e. it’s highly readable), whereas Garamond is serif.

Typically, Garamond works best as a body font with Brandon Grotesque being the display font (as above), but the two do also work the other way round.

Both fonts are available as part of the Typekit subscription.

#6 – Adelle + Proxima Nova

Adelle + Proxima Nova


Adelle is a slab serif font, which makes it the perfect typeface for headings and titles (although it can also work as a body font).

Alongside it, we see Proxima Nova, a stunningly beautiful, simple and elegant font that you come across a lot on the web.

These are both contemporary fonts, and likely work best for creative projects.

Both fonts are available via Typekit.

#7 – Proxima Nova + Lyon Display

Proxima Nova + Lyon Display


Here we have Proxima Nova making yet another appearance, this time alongside Lyon Display.

Lyon Display is nothing like Proxima Nova (which is probably why the two fonts work so well together); it’s a serif font that is absolutely packed with character, and has a somewhat handwritten look to it.

Both fonts are paid fonts, with Proxima Nova being available via Typekit and Lyon Display being available via Commercial fonts.

#8 – Reforma Grotesque Media + Meta Plus Normal

Reforma Grotesque Media + Meta Plus Normal

Reforma Grotesk is a 1999 font, designed by Albert Kapitonov. It’s a sans serif font that takes inspiration from the late 19th and 20th century, and features highly condensed letterforms.

Meta Plus normal is different, and as the title suggests, it’s about as normal as it gets. It’s a simple sans serif typeface that can bring any design down to earth. It’s also highly readable.

Meta Plus is a free font available to download online, whereas Reforma Grotesque is a premium font available from MyFonts.

#9 – Jaf Bernino Sans + Freight Text Pro

Jaf Bernino Sans + Freight Text Pro


Jef Bernino Sans is, as you might imagine, a sans serif typeface that is quite similar to Proxima Nova. It’s big and bold, making it perfect for headings.

Freight Text Pro is the opposite; it’s a serif font that is better used as a body font (this is the way Medium.com approaches things, as you can see in the example above).

Freight Text Pro is available with a Typekit subscription, whereas JAF Bernino Sans is available to purchase from Just Another Foundry.

#10 – Homemade Apple + Copse

Homemade Apple + Copse


If you’re looking for a font pairing for a creepy/Halloween design, look no further than Homemade Apple and Copse.

Copse is a relatively neutral, highly readable slab serif typeface, and it works great alongside the handwritten style of Homemade Apple.

These two fonts are clearly drastically different, yet they compliment each other perfectly.

Both fonts are available from Google Fonts.

#11 – Marion + Brandon Regular

Marion + Brandon Regular


Marion is a simple font yet elegant serif font, which takes inspiration from Century and other similar fonts.

Brandon Regular on the other hand is a sans serif font with a somewhat geometric design. It’s clean, composed and works beautifully alongside Marion.

Both fonts are available to purchase from MyFonts.

#12 – Playfair Display + Museo Sans

Playfair Display + Museo Sans


Playfair Display is an exceptionally elegant, serif typeface that works extremely well as a heading/display font (as you can see above). It’s packed with personality, yet still highly readable and even works well at relatively small font sizes.

Museo Sans is the opposite; it’s a clean and elegant sans serif typeface that is typically used as a body font (although it also works well when used for headings). It works well at smaller font sizes, and has a contemporary look to it.

Playfair Display is downloadable from Google Fonts, whereas Museo Sans is available as part of the Adobe Typekit subscription.

Bio: Joshua works for a graphic design and print company based in central England. He’s always had a passion for design from a very young age, and loves working with clients of all shapes and sizes to produce something special.

Sievers Creative has joined the Red Wing Chamber

It’s official, Sievers Creative has joined the amazing business community in Red Wing, MN. We can not say enough positive things about the Red Wing Area Chamber of Commerce and  about Patty, Tammy, and Marion (The Chamber Ladies) down at the chamber office.

The Red Wing Area Chamber of Commerce is extremely active and proactive in the business community. Everything from business expos,  networking events like HYPE (helping young professionals emerge) and AM Espresso, to just all around making Red Wing area businesses stronger.

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We look forward to being a part of such a great business community!

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Top 5 Advantages of using promotional products for your Business.

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promotional products statistic

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Roger speaks on social media panel at WNA conference

I was asked by a colleague at RiverTown Multimedia if I would be willing to speak at the WNA Conference in Middleton Wisconsin in regards to social media, and I agreed. Every year newspapers from around Wisconsin get together and learn from each other, present awards for the best stories, photos, and overall excellence of the newspapers in their state. This year I will be touching base on the best uses/practices of social media in the newsroom as well as some ideas on how to ensure they are using social media effectively, some of the ethics behind social media in the newsroom, and what can be done to maximize effectiveness on limited resources..

Description of panel discussion

Social Media: Everybody’s Doing It

How are newsrooms managing their staff use of social media? What’s appropriate content for a reporter’s Twitter posts, and where do we draw the line between personal and professional use of social media?


I will also be available to speak with newspapers from around the region in regards a handful of topics listed in the sign-up sheet below. It is an honor to be a part of the event and I”m looking forward to it.


Setting Up Users And Access Levels In Magento

The open source eCommerce platform Magento, is by far one of the best and most robust platforms in the industry. You can have as many products on your e-commerce site as your server can handle (which usually is a lot), manage inventory, print shipping labels with ease, manage an email newsletter and acquire the subscriptions right from your site, not to mention the complete flexibility from a development standpoint. With so many possibilities at your fingertips, it is likely that when your business really starts taking off, you will either hire or use an existing employee to help you manage your online eCommerce store. This tutorial will walk you through setting up new users in your Magento store and allowing them the necessary access to features within the Magento content management system.

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