Make a Statement: Product Photography is a Big Deal

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Product Photography

Make a Statement: Product Photography is a Big Deal

Product PhotographyIsn’t it true that with the rise of the internet, along with increasing social media use, more and more people are turning away from reading? This statement holds true, especially these days, with individuals and their shortening attention spans. A quick Google search will pull up a variety of statistics – the average attention span has decreased in the last seven years. From 12 seconds back in 2000, these sources say that the average attention span today is eight seconds.

Given this seeming intolerance for reading, e-commerce sites will make more of an impact if their products and services had photos and images for users to check out. When it comes to buying stuff online, photographs can substantially make a world of difference.

The Need for Images in 2017

Since users have shorter attention spans, common sense dictates that they would rather go through a gallery of photos when browsing a site. Instead of offering blocks of text to these visitors, a good stock of images is sure to help them make the right decision. It also assists them when they’re looking for something in particular.

Imagine an e-commerce site that offers pastries and desserts, and then think about how appealing photos can affect sales. High-quality photos, for instance, can attract a casual browser and convert the person into a paying customer. Crude and low-res photographs are just not going to cut it. For food and beverages, crisp and colorful images are the only possible way to tell your clients that your business has delicious choices.

Using the internet is a visual experience, and for e-commerce sites, photos and videos can transform sales by showing browsers what they can expect from a business.

On Eye-Catching Photographs and Increasing Revenue

We can help you in this aspect. Sievers Creative provides services like professional product photography in Minnesota. Our team can identify what makes your business click and highlight the prominence of your product, creating a distinct and sellable item. Our product photography covers a range of services such as standard table photography, catalog photography, image editing, and formatting and watermarking – just to name a few.

The only way to truly make a statement is by showing your customers what your business is all about through amazing photographs. Contact us today and let’s transform your site into a collection of vibrant pages.

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