Web Design Trends in 2022: Unique Experiences for Business Scaling

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Web Design Trends in 2022: Unique Experiences for Business Scaling

Web design is all about looking to the future, being innovative, and keeping up with the latest trends. About 88.5% of web designers state that a non-responsive, outdated, and badly designed website is the reason for visitors leaving.

In recent years, web designers are getting more creative while embracing nostalgia, rethinking design principles, and pushing boundaries.

Innovative Web Design Trends

In 2022, web design is focused on page speed, user experience, bold colors, typography, and live animation. Adding a few innovative features and elements to your website will have visitors enjoying every moment spent on the site.

One-Page Websites

Simplicity and effectiveness are achieved with one-page websites. They reflect the feeling of reading a flyer or poster, and so require creativity and careful planning of the site’s content. The content is front and center on the page without needing to scroll and search. The goal is to highlight vital information and allow visitors to find what they’re after on the spot.

Bolder Typography

A fresh and bold statement is the use of unusual size typography to make a lasting impression. Words tend to become a graphic element, making them the visual focal point. Size and scale are important because they set the tone of what’s to expect from the site. Using different font colors and partially blocking an image can spike the viewer’s curiosity to find out more about the brand.

Reinventing Hero Sections

Web designers are keeping the hero section simple to make a statement. Imagery is reduced or omitted with bold typography replacing it to recreate captivating headlines. They are meant to have a big visual impact and put focus on content and style by using colors, shapes, and dynamic layouts. Using these principles to communicate a unique brand identity is simple and easy.

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Speed and User Experience

Ultra-fast load time and user experience are essential factors that never go out of style, regardless of the trends. Search engine traffic will be reduced if loading time takes more than 3 seconds.

To increase user experience, it’s useful to develop smart websites that don’t slow down the loading time and increase the user experience. Downloading only content seen on the screen doesn’t waste valuable time and resources.

Mobile-friendly Navigation

With people spending more time on their smartphones, mobile-friendly websites are a must. They should also be thumb-friendly, so users only need a thumb to scroll and navigate through the site. It may seem like a silly trend, but if you think about how much time we spend on our smartphones, it’s a rather smart move.

Find Top Web Designs That Serve Your Business Purpose

Eye-catching website designs are revolutionizing the industry. User experiences are improving through the use of animations and videos, bold typography, and creative sections.

Our team at Sievers Creative can help you tell your story through a stunning website design that turns site visitors into loyal customers. Our professional web design team will give you a responsive, simple, and SEO-optimized website with engaging content. Reach out to us today to learn more!

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