How Vehicle Fleet Graphics Can Improve Your Company’s Profits

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How Vehicle Fleet Graphics Can Improve Your Company’s Profits

The art of wrapping a vehicle, whether for advertisement or to just have an interesting paint scheme, is all the rage now. In fact, 75% of those seeing a truck side advertisement have a good feeling about the company, according to LinkedIn. If your company is starting to think about getting vehicle fleet graphics for your business, then it could mean extra profits for you. Here’s what you should know about vehicle fleet graphics for your business.

They Pack a Punch

Research from the American Trucking Association has stated that a truck in a typically larger city with vehicle fleet graphics gets around 16 million views a year. That’s a powerful punch of advertising! They can generate numbers like this because they are always on the road. Even when parked, they’re getting looked at. The more colorful and eye-catching the graphics, the more views it’s apt to get. More views will mean more revenue generated by people seeing your business and converting that view to visits and sales.

People Remember Vehicle Graphics

There have been studies on vehicle fleet graphics and how they are perceived as well as how they are remembered. 97% of survey responses from a study by the RYP and Becker Group for 3M said that they remember seeing a vehicle advertisement. Also, 96% said that they feel that the advertisement seen on a vehicle had more impact than an advertisement seen on a billboard. That’s something to really consider especially doing the cost analysis between the price of a billboard and the price of a vehicle wrap.

They Are Cost Efficient

When comparing the price of a vehicle fleet graphics wrap to other forms of company advertisement and marketing, such as TV ads, newspaper, and radio spots, or outdoor billboards, it’s a more cost-effective form. With the right installation and expertise, a vehicle wrap will last approximately 3-5 years on average. If you were to add up the cost of any advertising for that length of time, then a wrap is always a better deal.

Vehicle Fleet Graphics Options

There are a few different choices available to business owners wishing to use vehicle wraps as an advertisement. There can be a full or partial wrap of the vehicle or just decals and graphical items on the car. Full wraps can even include windows.

Unified Branding Through Wraps

You’ve thought about it and understand what your logo and colors mean. By wrapping your company vehicles with a fleet graphic, you’re able to take whatever color the original car or truck was and customize it to your brand. No matter what company you have, whether it’s retail or service based, you’re able to commit your brand logo and colors to people’s memory at a second’s glance.

Think of how well your company would do with several cars zooming around the city wrapped in an ad. People would soon be able to know your company just by the designs on the vehicles after seeing them a couple of times. By moving branding to your vehicle, you’re increasing visibility in the ever-saturated field of marketing, and increased visibility will naturally turn into increased sales.

Targeted Marketing

Think about how you could alter your wraps to include specific marketing to the area that the vehicle would be in. That form of targeted marketing would mean a higher portion of the correct demographic seeing your ad and converting it to profits for your business. Vehicles with fleet graphics get from 30,000 to 80,000 views a day depending on where they are located. It’s a significant way to have people see you everywhere. While many people have tuned out billboards and never remember seeing them, it’s hard to forget the wrapped vehicle that was beside you at the red light or that you followed along the interstate. That’s the value of moveable marketing like vehicle graphics.

Businesses That Can Benefit from Vehicle Wraps

While we believe that all businesses large and small can reap benefits by having a vehicle fleet graphics wrap, here are some businesses that stand out:

Service Trade Companies – Whether it is plumbing or landscaping, whatever service field your company is in, your professional vehicle wrap will get attention. It will be the same as moving companies for the neighborhood advertising in the demographic the company is located in.

Food Delivery Services – A wonderful way, especially post-pandemic, to get your food delivery service information to the people of your community is by vehicle wraps. Let new residents in a community know that you deliver to their area through bright and bold graphics that tell the story whenever you deliver to their neighbors.

Moving Companies – Your business is literally about transport, so of course moving companies can use vehicle wraps to their advantage. They’ll be sitting in the neighborhoods while moving a customer, and advertising to other potential movers and customers. Instead of neighborhood watches wondering about your truck or van, a vehicle wrap will send the “no cause for alarm” signal that your company is professional and safe.

Real Estate Offices – Think of vehicle wraps as a moving business card that lets everyone in that neighborhood know that your real estate company is there for them should they need to sell their home or buy one in that area. Professional vehicle fleet graphics help get your face out to the masses by making you more well-known and appear more legitimate in your field. It’s the best first impression you can make on potential clients.

Shuttles – Whether you own a shuttle company, taxi service, or personal driver, having a vehicle wrap to tell people who you are and what your company does can help drive business to your door. You are able to appear in first class and advertise servicing locations all while getting your booking links to clients. This business tends to have lots of competition, but with a vehicle wrap, you’re able to put your business out in front.

Small Business Owners – Do you have a small business or one that is just getting started? What better way to instantly jumpstart your legitimacy in that field than with a vehicle wrap? You’re able to show a professional outward appearance and get your brand to those that would be your target market. If you’re a very small business, then consider having a business vehicle wrapped and your own personal vehicle wrapped. This can get more eyes on your company and your business details. Always make sure your contact information is on your graphic and in a readily seen spot. Give your customers a way to get to you after they see your vehicle out on the road.

Vehicle fleet graphics are a great cost-effective profit-making way to get your message and company out in front of the eyes of millions of potential customers. With their long-lasting 3-5 year life span, they truly are a buy once and reap the benefits package. In today’s mass of marketing, there are so many businesses left behind in the noise. Get your brand out in style with your company cars by providing them with a wrap. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment for this type of service.

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