Happy Halloween from SC

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Roger at Halloween

Happy Halloween from SC

Happy Halloween week from Sievers Creative!
Who else is ready for some light-hearted Halloween fun?!

With so much going on with our country and world, we at Sievers Creative realize we are all longing for a little piece of normal, a little piece of the familiar, a little piece of levity in all the seriousness of the world right now. With Halloween arriving soon and with this holiday likely being noticeably different from any other year, our SC team, being the creative crew that we are, decided to reflect on the fun of Halloween’s past. We pulled together a collection of some memorable costumes we have worn in the past and thought we would share so we can take a moment to distract, inspire, and maybe even make you smile! Then you can get back to your regularly scheduled day.

When you forget to Dress Up

Roger at Halloween
Roger’s memorable Halloween costume was 11 years ago. He and Renee went to her mom’s for a Halloween party and he didn’t have much of a costume, so her mom gave him a flower to wear. He felt like one of those dogs that people dress up in sweaters and you can tell the dog isn’t very happy about it. Another reason this year was memorable… Renee was pregnant with Elijah.

Cheech No Chong

Renee at Halloween
Renee channeled Cheech Marin. Missing Chong.

Super Mario Bros

Jessica Halloween
Super Mario Bros. is still one of Jessica’s favorite video games, so dressing up as Luigi was definitely one of her favorite costumes! Just in case you were wondering… she did buy a brand new clean plunger to use for the occasion.

Nancy as Betty Who?

Nancy at Halloween
Our rockstar sales force, Nancy Long shares with us the year she went as “Betty Who” a parody of Betty Boop. Nancy tells us that she’s sure she’s never had that much makeup on in her entire life… and is sure she won’t ever again!

Master Chef Travis

Travis at Halloween
One of our design gurus, Travis Schaefer shares that his most memorable costume was five years ago when his wife Natasha was pregnant with their second child Emma. Travis went as the Master Chef of their own little bun in the oven. (They cooked up a pretty cute kiddo!)

Insurance Superhero Meg

Meg at Halloween
Our other design guru, Meg O’Keefe Andrea loved the year that she and her husband David dressed up at Progressive’s Flo and Allstate’s Meyhem; battling insurance superheroes. The other costume that was in contention for most memorable was the year Meg and her hubby went as Chip and Joanna Gains from Fixer Upper.

Heather has it Maid

Heather tells us although this isn’t a memorable costume, it’s the one she had a picture of and she wanted to contribute!

We hope you enjoyed our look at Halloweens past, may you make the most of this 2020 version!

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