Google Analytics 101: Why It is Important to Growing Your Business

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Google Analytics 101: Why It is Important to Growing Your Business

When you want to target an online market, setting up a website for your business isn’t good enough. You must learn how to use the website to spread the word about your business and reach your target market online. One tool that can help you in this stage is Google Analytics—a free web analytics tool offered by Google to monitor and report website traffic data.

Why You Should Track Your Website Traffic

Google Analytics can track these types of data: (1) where site traffic is originating from, (2) if a specific traffic converts to a lead, (3) which pages or posts attract the most traffic, (4) time of the day or week with the most engagement, and (5) the keywords searchers use to arrive at your site.

Tracking your website traffic metrics can help you understand your average consumer better. It gives you insight that can improve your strategy to building a stronger presence online. You can use the data you obtain to align your marketing techniques with your target audience’s behavior in the digital arena.

How to Utilize Web Traffic Data to Grow Your Business

If 90% of your site traffic, for instance, originates from Facebook and only 10% comes from your active pay-per-click ad campaigns on Google, this means you need to rethink your targeting strategies. You may want to enhance your search engine optimization (SEO) practices to increase the traffic coming from Google searches. Perhaps, your website is targeting keywords that are different from most of the keywords people use to arrive at your site, as you will see in Google Analytics report.

The main takeaway here is that Google Analytics can help you enhance the way you market online. With all the information that it provides, you can reach a wider market of searchers that will likely convert into paying customers. Plus, since Google Analytics is free, it’s a waste not to use it.

If you want to learn more about using web analytics to improve your visibility online, feel free to contact us today.

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