Engage Customers with Email Marketing and Newsletters: Here’s How

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Engage Customers with Email Marketing and Newsletters: Here’s How

Many entrepreneurs think that chasing after new customers is the best strategy to grow a business but, in fact, nurturing the existing client base is just as productive. Returning clients can increase the revenue by 23%. Engaged customers who enjoy the service tend to feel loyal to a brand and, therefore, purchase more.

One of the best ways to engage with customers is to tap into an oft-overlooked platform: such as email marketing and newsletters. Here’s how reviving your email newsletter can help you engage your customers:

Pique the interest of your customers

Marketing analytics measures your brand’s visibility across all your marketing activities, and that includes your email newsletters. Harness marketing analytics to gauge the effectiveness of newsletters and their specific sections.

Examine the newsletter topic or headers that people opened more often as well as those that caused them to unsubscribe. Look into how many people click the links in the newsletter and other metrics that indicate the factors that pique your customers’ interests as well as those that turn them off. Then, for your future newsletters, create content and style strategies around your observations to increase customer interest.

Reach a specific audience

You can personalize your newsletter content to make your customers feel like you’re speaking to them directly. You can make every person in your database special by taking advantage of email list segmentation or by directly including his or her name. Doing so will help them feel catered to, thus encouraging them to engage with your brand better.

By personalizing your newsletter according to factors such as age demographics and purchase history, you can send customers content that they may be interested in, and the more you send out relevant information, the greater the likelihood of them visiting your website to purchase your product.

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