Elements of a Good Design in Banner Ads

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Elements of Good Design in Online Banner Ads

Elements of a Good Design in Banner Ads

Elements of Good Design in Online Banner Ads

When designing online banner ads for Programmatic Advertising, always keep in mind these two very important truths; one, that the viewer (and potential customer) will see your ad for just mere seconds, and two, that you should not try to allure your audience with an overabundance of content. In this blog, we will take a look at which elements should be included in good banner ad design because when you have a limited time for your ad to get looked at, it better be good!

The case for simplicity in banner ads.

Less is more when it comes to online ads. The best approach for this type of ad design is sticking to simple and strong. Limited imagery can enhance banner ads, but strong copy and typography can also do the trick on their own.

The case for impact.

When you combine the fact you have little real estate and little view time for your ads, this means you need to pack a punch. While keeping in mind the other points here, don’t be afraid to be bold. Subtle won’t get you seen. Go for impact.

Why banner ads a call to action.

Ideally, the ad should ask the viewer to do something or have a specific call to action (CTA). The call to action can be a button or it can reside in the text of the headline or subhead. Invite the viewer to click on your ad. The call to action is the trigger.

The case for animation.

Statistically speaking, the animated ad has a better success rate than that of its static counterpart. Animated ads are good when the animation is simple and doesn’t distract from the message. Movement is not required for a good ad, but it does draw attention.

The case for consistency.

Branding is important. Your company has a look and a feel to it. You want to make sure your online ads match this branding so when customers arrive at your website there isn’t any confusion as to whether they are in the right place. Stay consistent.

The case for hierarchy.

Maintaining a hierarchy helps when you have multiple ad sizes. The first item will be the company logo. This should be prominent and easy to see. The next piece to include is a key point or headline for the ad that is essential, whether it be a sale, a product, or a marketing slogan. Then a small amount of subhead information like a date or price or location could be included. Throw in a piece or two of company contact information, then your call to action. Implement a hierarchy.

Remember online banner ads have limited real estate with a limited view time. Make sure that your banner ads are simple and strong; clear and concise. Do not be tempted to flood the ad with a lot of content or a lot of visuals. Be consistent and stick with your branding. Follow a hierarchy to hit all the important ad elements. A well designed online ad will get clicks when it conveys your message and sells your product in a short amount of time. Contact Sievers Creative create impactful banner ads for your business today!

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