Designed for Success: Improve Your Website, Grow Your Business

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Responsive Website Design

Designed for Success: Improve Your Website, Grow Your Business

website design processSo you have a new, unique, and life-changing product or service. All that’s left now is to let people know that it exists. This is where having an optimized business website comes in handy. Data from the recently released United States Ecommerce Country Report by the eCommerce Foundation revealed that 88 percent of consumers do their research online before making a purchase.

Still, simply having a website isn’t enough today. Much like a brick and mortar store’s exterior, your customers see your web design as a reflection of the quality of the products or services you’re selling. A florist with unkempt plants at the storefront doesn’t make a person want to buy flowers from them, right? The same goes for business websites.

These web design practices will help turn online researchers into loyal customers.

1. Optimize Your Website for SEO

Google hosts 75 percent of online searches. To rank well and appear on top of their search engine results pages (SERPs), consider optimizing your website through search engine optimization or SEO services. Incorporating specific keywords and phrases that most people may associate with your web content can help you rank higher on SERPs. Of course, your content cannot contain just keywords; it must be relevant and provide value to readers, too.

2. Let Customers Know What You’re Offering Right Away

You only have a few moments to capture your customers’ attention, so make it count by letting them know what you’re offering right away. People are lazy; they do not want to click on too many buttons to purchase a product. An optimized website with user-friendly design and an enticing landing page helps visitors find what they need immediately.

3. Grab Their Attention Through A Call to Action

Calls to action (CTAs) are necessary to convert people from casual visitors to paying customers. Your CTAs need to stand out and explicitly tell visitors what to do. Do you want them to buy your product, register for a free trial, or call your business for more information? Whatever your purpose is, highlight that action. Streamline the CTA’s landing page so your customers will know what to do next.

4. Provide a Unique and Personalized Experience

People like to feel special, but without the face-to-face interaction that a physical store brings, it’s hard to give them that personal attention. Artificial intelligence (AI) in the form of chatbots is the answer to this problem. You can use chatbots to act as your customer service personnel. Through these AIs, users can ask questions and receive answers right away, making their engagement on your site swift and personalized.

Improve Your Web Design Today

Great web design helps businesses grow by attracting and engaging customers. Sievers Creative’s creative team of industry experts helps business owners in Minnesota create a website that will attract not just customers, but a higher return on investment, too.

Start designing your website for success. Contact us at +1-651-300-4932 today.

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