Compete with Prominent Businesses by Improving Your Rankings

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Compete with Prominent Businesses by Improving Your Rankings

searching the web while holding a phoneFor small businesses competing against more prominent brands, it can get difficult to level the playing field. This is especially true for those catering to a niche market. One way to help your small business stand up against top market players is by making sure your website shows up in online search results.

According to a study conducted by SEO tools provider BrightLocal, 97% of consumers use the internet to look for local brands to do business with. Of these, a staggering 90% never go past the first page of search engine result pages (SERPs).  This suggests that pushing your small business website to the top ranks of SERPs is critical to your success.

Harness SEO to boost your sales and grow your small business. Here are some strategies you can use today to bump up your spot on the results pages:

1. Make Your Branding Consistent

Branding encompasses every aspect that relates to how people perceive your business. It goes beyond logos, color schemes, and taglines; it’s also about meeting the expectations you have set for your target audience. Focus on your buyer personas and develop an identity and voice. Make customer service your number one priority, and above all, be consistent across the board.

2. Establish a Professional-Looking Website

As your website is the first thing customers and prospective business partners see, it’s imperative that it affirms your legitimacy and reflects the professional way you conduct business. A good website lets your visitors evaluate whether they can trust your brand as well as the quality of the products and services you provide. An amateur-looking or buggy website, on the other hand, is likely to give off the impression that you don’t know what you’re doing.

If you’re technically proficient, you may find it easy to use any of the CMS tools available to create your own website. Otherwise, you can partner with a reputable marketing agency (like us!) or freelancer.

3.  Optimize Your Website

Search engines use algorithms to provide users with high-quality content that has the most relevant answer to their search.  Take proactive steps in making sure your web pages rank when your audience types in keywords related to your business. These measures include identifying appropriate keywords, creating informative content, and building quality backlinks to your site.

4.  Include a Blog

Many website owners think blog pages are unnecessary but the truth is, publishing useful blog content is a great way to improve your SEO and build trust in your brand.  Hubspot reports that businesses that blog at least 16 times a month get about 3.5 times more website traffic compared to those that don’t. To make blogging work for your brand, make sure to include targeted keywords organically in your posts. Feature content that answers frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help site visitors make informed consumer decisions.

Sievers Creative is the digital marketing agency to turn to when it comes to search engine optimization in MN. With a team of industry experts who know the best practices, as well as proven and ethical digital marketing techniques, we can put your small business in front of your customers wherever they are and whatever the time of day.

Step up your digital marketing campaign. Call us at +1-651-300-4932 or fill out our form today.

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