The Difference Between Brand Identity and Brand Personality

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Difference Between Brand Identity and Brand Personality

The Difference Between Brand Identity and Brand Personality

Marketing strategies incorporate various factors that will be used to appeal to the audience. Running a business in a world where 81% of consumers need to trust the brand they buy makes success difficult.

In trying to make their company stand out among the rest, many Minnesota businesses turn to a website design company. Web design services understand that blending the use of brand identity and brand personality can lead to a successful and memorable brand.

But brand identity and brand personality are not the same. What is their difference and how does each contribute to brand success? Keep reading to find out.

What Is Brand Identity?

Companies without a brand identity are as good as non-existent. Having no name or visual connected to your business means having nothing to represent the business’ mission, values, and services.

Brand identity is a visible brand element like a logo, design, or product that consumers connect to. A strong brand identity establishes a connection with consumers, differentiates you from the competition, and leads to trust and credibility.

What Is Brand Personality?

It may seem humorous, but a brand does need a personality. To put it differently, it means bringing your brand to life.

Brand personality is used to identify marketing strategies and create campaigns. It brings about a public image that influences the way consumers feel, think and perceive the brand. The end goal is to evoke an emotion in a consumer so they make a purchase.

Types of Brand Personality

Personality is a brand’s qualitative value gained over time. There are five brand personality types:

  • Sincerity – brands that portray themselves as honest, down-to-earth, cheerful, and wholesome
  • Competence – brands appearing intelligent, successful, reliable, and hard-working
  • Excitement – brands aiming to be exciting, spirited, imaginative, and daring
  • Sophistication – brands reflecting upper class, charm, glamor, and femininity
  • Ruggedness – brands that aim to be tough, masculine, outdoorsy, and western

Brand Personality vs. Brand Imagery

Brand Personality vs. Brand Imagery

Creating a branded business requires the use of these elements working together: personality and imagery. Knowing the difference between the two is essential.


Both are designed to communicate brand messages to consumers to generate customer loyalty and sales. They aim to increase the brand’s traffic and influence the consumer’s perception of the brand through positive associations.

Audience Appeal

The marketing audience appeal is accomplished differently. Brand imagery is focused on audience recognition and perception, like remembering a brand’s logo.

Brand personality focuses on the emotional side by relating to the customer’s personality. The brand adopts human characteristics to become more relatable and personable.


While the two consist of different elements they work together to create a holistic and strong brand. Brand personality includes tone, essence, and archetype or persona. Key messaging, brand persona, and business goals are elements included in brand imagery.

Method of Creation

Creating a brand personality means analyzing the audience to be reached and selecting one that matches the targeted group. This will guide marketers on how to display and talk about the services and products offered by the brand.

To create brand imagery, marketing experts analyze the audience and determine which visual imagery methods will best appeal to them. It is important to create visuals that send a logical and coherent message to the brand. 

Website Design: Building Trust Through Consistent Branding

Visuals and voices must fit perfectly to have a successful and recognizable brand. Sievers Creative is a Minnesota website design companythat knows the importance of presenting the right identity, logical aspects, personality, and emotional quality to reach your branding goals.

Our experts can help you with everything you need to create the perfect business – from web design and marketing to branding and video production.

Contact us today and let’s boost your brand!

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