Blogging: A Practical Marketing Campaign Tool for Everyday Business

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Blogging: A Practical Marketing Campaign Tool for Everyday Business

Digital marketing isn’t about just pay-per-click ads and social media posts these days. Blogging has also become a huge part of marketing campaigns, and it is a trend that a lot of businesses have adopted. Here are some reasons to incorporate it into your marketing strategy as well.

Drives Traffic to Your Website

Without blog posts, there are probably just a handful of pages on your website. Sure, people can look up your brand on a search engine, but that only works for customers who already know you. Every time you write a blog post, on the other hand, it’s an additional indexed page on your website. This helps drive traffic to your website in an organic search.

Establishes Your Industry Expertise

Writing blog posts about your niche market can offer your target audience valuable industry information. If you consistently write useful content about their most common questions, you establish yourself as an industry expert; searchers will perceive you as a trustworthy brand that they will want to do business with.

Convert Traffic into Leads

Just like every blog post is another indexed page, each post gives you a new opportunity to generate leads by simply adding call-to-actions (CTAs) at the end of your articles. These lead-generating CTAs are things like offers for free trials, discount coupons, and more that users could get in exchange for their contact information.

It Doesn’t Cost Much

Unlike ads, you don’t have to pay to create blog posts for your website. You only need to write high-quality content that your target audience will find useful. You can optimize its effect, though, if you hire a marketing agency to come up with a professional strategy.

Sievers Creative is an expert when it comes to content creation and execution. We help small businesses find the best keywords and blog post topics to write about to maximize their return on investment and optimize their site for search engine. If you have more questions about the benefits of blog posts to your website, feel free to contact us today.

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