Why Signage Branding Matters: A Comprehensive Guide to Creating Your Storefront

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Guide to Creating Your Storefront

Why Signage Branding Matters: A Comprehensive Guide to Creating Your Storefront

Whether online or in-person, creating your storefront is a critical process to go through when designing your brand. Capturing customer’s eyes with catchy signs at the point of purchase (POP) has been a proven marketing strategy for decades. Its versatility has made it easy to adapt to our digital age, with marketing signage remaining consistent among advertising outlets, creating brand trust.

A well-made sign works wonders across mediums and makes your storefront stand out. This is why it’s one of the first steps of any marketing plan. After all, it’s much easier to reach more potential customers when you already have catchy signage made, signage that your brand will be remembered by. 

In this guide, we’ll detail some steps to create the perfect signage for your storefront, maximizing aesthetics with functionality.

Understand Your Brand

The first part of creating any brand starts with a question: what does your brand say to the world? While a difficult question to answer, knowing this helps designers better capture your idea. To help find it, you could consider your values, the story you want to tell with your brand, and even who you are and what you’re offering. Knowing this, figuring out the rest of your marketing campaign will be relatively easy.

Choose the Right Font for You

The right lettering matters – every graphic designer and artist learns before studying their craft. Choosing the right font for your signage can be the difference between average and brilliant. This choice affects everything about your marketing going forward: recognizability, promotional materials, and signage.

Designing a font that just your company can use is a worthwhile pursuit and can bring an even greater level of brand recognizability. You can then use this lettering as a template for your logo, stamp, and virtually everything related to your business.

Color Theory

Color theory affects the visual concept of your brand, from the signage to how your products are presented on your storefront. The psychology around color has been proven time and time again and with interesting results. It shows that different colors affect people’s moods differently, all due to the culture they grew up in.

Know your brand before picking the palette for your storefront and signage. After all, our brains process colors before they can even process what is being written with those colors. The right palette can enhance your brand’s message, weaving it into people’s minds in both subtle and poetic ways.

Product Display

Whether online or in-person, how you display your products in the storefront and its design matters. Your store needs to be easily accessible and easy to navigate but with just enough width that customers can glance at everything on offer. This goes for both a webpage and a physical storefront.

Skilled web designers can help with the former, with their knowledge of people’s clicking habits, placement of ads and banners, and creating a usable site map for the customers. For the physical storefront, it is important to determine both the location and size of your store and display.

Types of Signage

Signs aren’t the only type of signage you can have for your storefront. After designing and building everything, promotional materials are crucial for expanding your brand beyond geographical limits. 


Small, quick, and to the point, banners transcend space. Banners are an easy and quick way to advertise your brand and store, found on either websites or vehicles. When designing a banner, brevity is important, keeping only the must-know details while remaining catchy to the human eye. This includes the logo, name, and address. 

If the banner is physical, you can add a personalized QR code to your website that people can access more easily. Website banners link directly to your website, so you can use up more of their space for advertising, like showing off some of your products.

Posters, Flyers, Brochures

Leaflets are a valuable and fun way to promote your business. Display more of your products, making it a mini catalog of the hottest items and their prices. A QR code is also valuable here, as it gives casual readers an easy way to access more of your brand.

Decals and Stickers

Things that catch everyone’s eye becomes a favorite among many customers. Ranging from sticker collectors to casual wanderers, there is a long list. While similar in function, there is a difference between decals and stickers. A well-placed decal on your storefront window can turn heads and offer additional branding and decoration.

Meanwhile, a sticker functions as a mini-poster that can be stuck on any surface and serves as a mini-promotion, recognizing that your brand exists. Because of their size, stickers can only contain your logo or name and a QR code so people can access more.

Design Your Perfect Storefront With Sievers Creative

We hope this guide highlights the storefront design process. Branding is all about connecting your brand with your customers. Whether web design or sign works, Sievers Creative offers a team of skilled professionals and creatives to help you on your branding journey. Get in touch with us for all your marketing needs and embrace the art of storefront creation.!

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