9 Reasons to Use Commercial Truck Wraps for Businesses

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9 Reasons to Use Commercial Truck Wraps for Businesses

Whenever you’re out on the road, you’ve likely encountered a truck or car at some point with an advertising wrap promoting a business or brand. According to LinkedIn, truck-side advertising alone has the power to generate between 40,000 and 60,000 impressions each day, depending on its location and distance driven for the day. Take a look at the nine reasons you should use commercial truck wraps here!

1. Spread Your Brand’s Image

Oftentimes, businesses only have one opportunity to make a first and lasting impression, which is why a well-designed sign can make all of the difference. If you are looking for a unique way to introduce your brand to specific communities and targeted regions or if you want to spread the image of your brand’s logos, the use of commercial truck wrapping is one way to guarantee exposure and, ultimately, results.

2. Boost Public Awareness

Along the same lines as exposing your brand’s image to new prospective customers or clients, you will also boost the public’s awareness of your brand with commercial truck wraps. Public awareness goes a long way, especially for someone who is in the market for the product or service you are selling but is unsure of where to turn.

3. Establish Your Brand as an Authoritative Source

Establishing your brand as a source of authority can go a long way in a highly competitive and saturated market. The use of commercial truck wraps can help your brand to stand out among alternative brands without a proper marketing strategy in place. When your brand stands out among hundreds, if not thousands, of other options, customers are also more likely to place their trust in you. Establishing any brand as an authoritative source carries extensive power when it comes to marketing, selling, and garnering a loyal following over time.

4. Brand Consistency

When it comes to building a brand from the ground up, it’s important to be as consistent as possible, even with the branding, coloring, logos, and aesthetic you choose to use in promotional materials such as your commercial truck wraps. Brand consistency is key in order to establish yourself as trustworthy and reliable, especially if you are attempting to appeal to a massive market or an international market around the world.

A few tips to keep in mind when using commercial truck wraps to help with ensuring your brand’s consistency include:

  • Logo: Use the same (or similar styled) logo on all of the commercial truck wraps you intend to send out for your current promotion.
  • Color scheme: Stick with the same color scheme across the board with the various trucks you are sending out and the wraps you are using. If you choose to use an alternative color scheme for A/B testing, be sure to do so in areas that can be tracked so you are capable of telling which advertisements performed best.
  • Font: Choosing a legible, easy-to-read font that is also suitable for your brand is highly recommended. For example, selecting a script font for a modern tech startup is not likely to appear brand-aligned. Choosing the right font and typography can have a major impact on how others view and interpret your brand, especially when seeing your commercial sign wrap for the first time.
  • Imagery/Graphics: Ensure that the imagery used on your commercial truck wraps is aligned with your brand’s aesthetic and that they all fit together seamlessly with one another. Do not place different types of graphics, photographs, vectors, or animated cartoons together, as this will appear disjointed and out of place. Graphic design can make or break a business, which is why it is imperative to ensure that your design choices are ideal for the audience you intend to reach and the demographics you want to appeal to with your individual campaigns.

5. Exclusivity

If you are looking for a way to promote your business and brand without having to share the advertising space with others (including your own competitors), commercial truck signage may be the way to go. When you choose to purchase a commercial wrap on a truck, you will be the only company or brand advertising on the truck, allowing you the entire space without additional competition.

6. Local and Regional Promotion

Another major advantage of commercial wraps for advertising is the ability to target specific local and regional areas, based on zip codes as well as transport routes. Depending on the data you have access to, you may have access to choosing specific commercial trucks based on routes and locations that are likely to resonate with your intended audience. This can be extremely beneficial if you are only providing your products to a particular region or if you have limited quantities of your goods at the time of the campaign.

7. Direct and Visual

Choosing the right marketing platform can be confusing, especially when it comes to promoting local businesses and brands. However, with a commercial truck, a sign wrap is direct and visual. Direct and visual campaigns help to quickly get the message across while also providing branding in a flash, similar to when a user is exposed to a brand’s logo while driving by a sign or when browsing a website. The use of direct messaging paired with professional and streamlined branded visuals can significantly help with:

  • Brand awareness: The more your image is shared on the open road, the more drivers will become accustomed to or familiar with your brand. Those who are still unfamiliar with your brand or business are more likely to take time to research your business when they are exposed to it repeatedly along the same routes each day.
  • Reach: With the ability to reach up to 60,000 impressions a day (just on the road), you can maximize your investment and ROI, or your return on your investment.
  • Garnering trust: With rampant scams and digital identity theft on the rise, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for consumers to trust businesses and brands. The use of professional commercial truck wrapping can help to garner trust and loyalty from those who have a genuine need for the products and/or services you provide.

8. Reach a Wider Audience

If one of your marketing goals is to maximize your reach, you can do so by turning to commercial truck wrapping. Because commercial trucks often drive hundreds of miles each day, your advertisement will have a much greater potential of reaching a wider audience, even those who are outside of your original target users. Simply having a truck exposing your brand on the road at all times can help with bringing your brand to the forefront of any industry, even those with plenty of existing competition. In many cases, the use of commercial truck wraps can help you to reach a wider audience than those on television or radio stations.

9. Affordability

If you are on a budget when it comes to your next commercial campaign, commercial truck wrapping can be one of the best solutions. Not only are commercial truck wraps affordable (when compared to large-scale digital campaigns), but they can also be temporary and changed at just about any time. When creating a campaign for the truck wrap you are planning, keep the following in mind:

  • Budget: Consider the budget you have for the entire campaign you intend to launch.
  • Duration: How long do you plan to use your commercial truck wraps? Will the campaign go on consistently, or take breaks intermittently?
  • Number of trucks: How many trucks will you be using to promote your business or brand? Will you be choosing specific routes or regions for your commercial wraps to be placed on? If so, how will you monitor and/or collect this data?

Becoming familiar with the benefits of commercial truck wraps can help with your next signage campaign strategy. Whether you are promoting a local business or an international brand, taking advantage of all that commercial truck wraps have to offer is a must to compete in any industry today. Call us at Sievers Creative today to get started.

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