5 Printed Design Pieces Every Business Should Have

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5 Print Pieces Every Business Should Have

5 Printed Design Pieces Every Business Should Have

5 Print Pieces Every Business Should Have

In this digital age, there is still a need for tangible items to represent a business. Digital branding and marketing efforts are of high importance, but when the phone gets put away and the computer turned off – what remains are the physical representations of your business: the business card that comes home in a wallet; the flyer that keeps a place on a desk; the letterhead that comes in the mail. All these items, and more, remind your customers (or potential customers) about your business. Successful is the business that hits their clients from all marketing angles. Let’s look at 5 key printed pieces every business should have.

1) The Business Card

These printed treasures shouldn’t be overlooked and still pack a punch. Handing out a business card is all about a positive impression. Small marketing pieces, they deliver your contact information. They stand as visual and physical representations of your business. They also serve as a testament to your preparedness and organization. With a business card, potential and returning customers have your information right in their pocket.

2) The Flyer

A flyer will relay important information to your customers about a particular sale, product, or event. This simple and concise piece of marketing remains a valuable promotion tool. With their low cost and high impact being the biggest benefits. Don’t count the flyer out of your marketing mix. They tend to get a lot of bank for very little buck.

3) The Letterhead

The use of a well-designed letterhead promotes a professional image while furthering your business’ brand awareness. Letterhead also furthers company credibility and firms up all other marketing initiatives.

4) The Branded Invoice

The monthly statement you send out is also an opportunity to further market your business. How you handle the invoice shows professionalism and tact. And it is a marketing piece you present to your clients each month. Why not use the real estate you have available?

5) The Thank You Card

A printed, company-branded thank you card brings a personal touch to your customers that can be lost in a digital world. A thank you card also shows appreciation at another level; that you would take the time and effort to handwrite and send a card expressing gratitude casts a positive light on your business and business practices.

Beyond 5… The Bonus Items

Make them remember you! Think about having some sort of promotional item to hand out as well: collateral pieces like stickers, pens, keychains, mugs, hats, koozies, etc. keep your business on the mind of clients and potential customers.

Let Sievers Creative help you create impactful marketing materials on all platforms, covering all the angles. The success of your marketing plan depends on it!

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