5 Effective and Memorable Car Advertising Campaigns

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5 Effective and Memorable Car Advertising Campaigns

Car advertising campaigns have become increasingly creative, targeting specific sentiments and appealing to diverse audiences. In 2020, the global standstill put a halt to the car industry, but things are slowly getting back on track, reminding the world of our passion for cars.

In the marketing industry, car ads are some of the most successful ones; sometimes, we see A-list celebrities promoting a car or a special cause by a car company. We have shortlisted 5 of the most effective, memorable car ads we still talk about today. 

Join us as we explore car ads from Volvo, Porsche, and others. Plus, stay tuned as we introduce a company that creates custom signs such as creative banners with phone numbers.

Van Damme’s Epic Split on Volvo Trucks

In 2013, Volvo Trucks released the “Epic Split” ad, a global sensation that highlighted the precision of Volvo’s dynamic steering system. The ad starred Jean-Claude Van Damme, the action movie daredevil who performed an incredible split between two moving Volvo trucks. Standing atop the trucks’ rearview mirrors, Van Damme gradually split his legs as the trucks began moving backward.

With perfect balance, Van Damme maintained the split position as the trucks moved apart, demonstrating the stability of Volvo Trucks’ steering system. The ad’s breathtaking visuals and audacious stunt made it a viral sensation, capturing global attention. 

It effectively displayed Volvo Trucks’ commitment to innovation and engineering excellence, generating significant brand awareness and highlighting their dedication to pushing boundaries in the transportation industry.

Uber: A Ride to Remember

Who doesn’t know Uber?! It’s an easily recognizable name that has revolutionized the taxi business beyond belief. Uber’s A Ride to Remember ad features Frank and Carol, the loveable senior couple reliving their fondest memories. 

Frank’s 1952 Oldsmobile has been an inseparable part of his dearest memories and special occasions: from romantic trips in the old days to proposing to his one and only, Carol. Frank’s Oldsmobile was his ticket to freedom, but as years passed, he could no longer enjoy his car like he used to when he was younger. Enter Uber. 

The ad takes us through time as Frank reminisces the memories, including his beloved Oldsmobile. We see Frank’s family surprise him with a 1950s Oldsmobile to let him know that with Uber, he and his wife can still enjoy their freedom, even if someone else drives the car for him. 

The Power of Dream by Honda

red honda civic

Honda’s “Power of Dreams” slogan represents their belief in ambitious goals and innovation. It’s incorporated into their various advertising campaigns, highlighting technological advancement, environmental responsibility, and human potential. 

Honda’s ads promote quality, reliability, and innovation, positioning Honda as a customer-centric brand that values creativity, sustainability, and the power of dreams. The Power of Dreams ad inspires us to believe in our dreams and not settle for less. Honda appeals to our vision of dreams, making it easy to believe that we can turn our dreams into reality. 

To avid car enthusiasts, the Power of Dreams ad inspires action, self-worth, and a carpe diem type of emotions in viewers.

Chevrolet’s Best Day Ever

Chevrolet launched an online campaign with the hashtag #BestDayEver. The unique approach to marketing appealed to over 12,000 people across the States. The campaign aimed to surprise and delight individuals in various locations with acts of kindness, entertainment, and unique experiences. 

These acts ranged from hosting concerts for the military to celebrities taking on unconventional roles as substitute teachers and hosting special events for new moms.

Activities like puppy kissing booths, police officers handing out treats, and free gas fill-ups suggest a broader effort to create moments of joy, connection, and appreciation for different population segments.

Porsche Virtual Reality App: Your Dream Car in Your Living Room

Porche took a different route to reaching customers. The company launched the “Porsche Augmented Reality Visualizer App”, allowing customers to immerse in a virtual reality featuring their dream Porche car. This rather unique marketing strategy takes Porche to a whole new level among prospective buyers.

The VR app is available for Android and iOS smartphones, taking users on an unforgettable virtual reality experience. The 360-degree videos and interactive elements deliver a stunningly realistic, immersive experience, allowing users to get a closer look at Porches’s cars from different angles. 

With a compatible VR headset, users can customize different aspects of the car, like changing the car’s color and exploring the interior more closely. 

Porsche seeks to enhance the customer experience, allowing users to immerse themselves in the world of Porsche and connect with the brand in new and exciting ways.

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