4 Reasons to Have a Simple Logo

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4 Reasons to Have a Simple Logo

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Cut through the noise with a logo simple enough to stand apart.

In a world where we are flooded with visual imagery from every angle, the image you choose to represent your business needs to stand out, but that doesn’t mean your logo needs to be complex or over-detailed. In fact, the best choice when having a logo designed are visuals that are simple and to-the-point. With a logo, simplicity, recognition, and readability are key.

So you ask, why exactly should you keep your logo simple?

1. Instant Recognition

Think brands like Target, Nike, Apple, and Mc Donald’s. You see these symbols and you immediately know what company they represent. Choosing a logo design that uses bold and recognizable shapes converts to memory retention. These examples drive home the idea that a good logo need not be complex to be impactful.

2. Very Versatile

What makes a logo versatile? The very thing that makes a brand highly recognizable; it is an image that will reduce and enlarge well. It is an image that is powerful in black and then further enhanced when color is added. A logo needs to achieve many things at once, things like being legible when printed on an array of products on a variety of different materials, as well as being able to be scaled: reduced or enlarged easily.

3. Highly Memorable

When your logo is simple, yet strong, it can be more easily remembered. So a logo is best remembered when the shapes are sharp, bold, and simple. Complex logos are more difficult to remember. The goal is to have strong marketing and brand recognition and part of the work is done when your logo is designed well, thus highly memorable.

4. Clear and Concise

When you have a logo that is clear and concise, your marketing can be too. If the customer has to scratch their proverbial head over what your logo means, they may pass your business by for a competitor that can convey the message more easily. Don’t overthink your logo, it doesn’t have to hold the mysteries of the world, it just needs to convey a clear and concise message to your customers.

So remember, simple is good. Since the purpose of a logo is to identify your business, make sure your logo design doesn’t get in the way with its complexity. By having your design team create a logo that is instantly recognizable, very versatile, highly memorable, clear, and concise… it’s a decision that should be plain and simple. Get in touch with us today if you need help with your logo!

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